Shawsheen River Watershed Association

Recreation on The Shawsheen River

There are numerous opportunities for recreation on the Shawsheen.

Paddling Diverse conditions, stunning scenery, and easy access make The Shawsheen an ideal river for people of all ages and abilities to paddle.
Fishing The Shawsheen is home to trout, large and smallmouth bass, pickerel, and other species of fish.
Hiking There are numerous, diverse hiking trails along the river. You can hike for a few minutes or a few hours.
Nature Watching Spend some on The Shawsheen and you will see a remarkable variety of wildlife.
Great Fishing
Great Fishing by F Greenwood
Group Paddling
Group Paddling by F Greenwood
Ken Doran & Bob Rauseo Paddling in January
Ken Doran & Bob Rauseo Paddling in January by Jack Brady
Ken Doran
Ken Doran by F Greenwood
by F Greenwood
by F Greenwood
Baby Snapping Turtle
Baby Snapping Turtle by Jack Brady
Shawsheen River Watershed Association (SRWA)
Keeping the Shawsheen Clean